It’s been a few years since we had introduced American brand, Tortoise, here @Denimology in 2014.

They have become quite a cult brand among denim lovers, especially known for their selvedge rip and repair jeans. Tortoise was one of the few denim brands back then integrating an environmental consciousness with – what they call – the WISER WASH.

“Tortoise was back then, and is today, totally aware of the fact that denim is one of the most polluting industries on the fashion market primarily due to the wash process. The water pollution created poses serious and critical threats to both the ecosystems and to human health.

Despite the ecological facts denim still continues to be a growing part of the fashion market. As more people seek more authentic vintage look, denim experts strive to develop
methods by which they can recreate the wear and tear that would naturally span for several years.

The tortoise is a land-dwelling reptile that moves about at a slow and steady pace. They are herbivores that consume extremely low volumes of water.

While tortoises can live to be a century old, they have an extremely low ecological impact on the environment throughout their lifetime. These gentle creatures have long been
revered as a symbol of wisdom, determination, patience and longevity.

TORTOISE Denim draws inspiration from and looks to embody the tangible ecological characteristics and intangible qualities of its namesake creature.

TORTOISE approaches denim manufacturing with the perspective that its not just about an accelerated sprint to an end result, it’s about the process and the (sometimes slow) journey we take.”

We haven’t seen or heard a lot of the brand for a couple of years now. According to them, they were concentrating on the foreign markets. But they are more than ready to make a – welcome – come-back here in the USA. Drumrolls please!

Check out their newest spring/summer 2018 lookbok here. Totally insane and super trendy denims, the way we just need it after a long and oh-so-booooring winter full of dark blues, greys, and blacks.

The previously mentioned selvedge rip and repair jeans are still part of the Tortoise’s core collection, they are currently available at Saks and Saks OFF 5th, and will be back on the Tortoise website soon.

You can shop for Tortoise denim at Shopbop and at Revolve.