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The men’s spring and summer 2018 Closed collection includes everything a guy can ask for: denim, bermudas, chinos, and polos….just to mention a few. If you are one of those guys who has difficulty combining his clothes, or choosing what to wear with your jeans – problem solved. This is what I like about the Closed lookbooks in general, you can see multiple choices of how to combine clothes.

Here is what the Closed people tell us about their spring/summer ’18 men’s collection:

“Inspired by sun-faded “Wish you were here” postcards, Closed Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection is a nostalgic tribute to a never-ending summer. Focusing on lightness in material as well as treatment.

Workwear- and military- influenced pieces with utilitarian details are made in washed-out masculine fabrics that fit the seasonal indigo-infused color chart.

The Main Collection

A Closed trademark, the denim range once again takes center stage. Sparked by vintage workwear, the pieces are now lighter in weight and color – giving the impression of being touched by nothing but the sea, salt, and sun. Summery crosshatch fabrics, special washes as well as Closed signature paint and laser treatments give the clothes their one-of-a-kind feel.

While pleated chinos and large combat pants introduce volume to the collection, knits and jerseys add freshness through their structure and finishing effects.

On the tailored side, jackets with heavy stitching and utilitarian details play on the contrast
between rough and soft. Fitted herringbone and Bedford-weave chinos come with used-look
touch-ups, while vintage-striped shirting evokes functional elegance.

With the outerwear and the core chino range manufactured in a scope of natural sun-bleached brights, the high summer pieces offer an extended range of indigo-dyed shorts highlighted with Hawaii prints. The color palette combines faded neutrals with a range of pastels such as seashell pink, pale turquoise, and light pool blue that give the collection its signature evocative feeling.

The Capsule Collection

This season is highlighted by a collaboration with two of France’s most authentic workwear
brands: Vetra and Orcival. Vetra has been making workwear since 1927, Orcival has been
manufacturing its signature “marinière” striped jerseys in France since 1939. Closed unites
the essence of both brands in a small capsule collection of vintage-inspired workwear made
in France and washed and dyed in Italy. The result is a line-up that celebrates the heritage of vintage French workwear revisited through the eyes of Closed.”

You can shop for the Closed men’s collection on their website.

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