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Since 1978, Closed has been a symbol for innovation in denim, chinos, ready-to-wear and accessories for men and women. The heritage label combines Italian easiness, Nordic minimalism, and French sophistication into an international line that is as much about sustainability as it is about high-quality materials, elaborate design, and traditional production.

Whereas nearly half of Closed’s products are still manufactured in Italy, the Hamburg-based company also actively works towards establishing fair-trade partnerships on different levels.

The latest Closed × François Girbaud capsule collection ticks all the right boxes in order to present a new facet of the brand.

Available from this month on, the new assortment is quintessentially Closed, blending today’s innovation with the heritage and myth of the brand’s original founder, renowned denim innovator, François Girbaud.

Girbaud founded Closed as a casual label alongside his other brand Marithé & François Girbaud and achieved great recognition in the 1980’s, particularly in the United States. His jeans were not only the center of attention in the hit movie “Flashdance”, they were also largely sought-after in the music industry. Wham, Tupac and Kriss Kross were all spotted wearing the prominent fly label that until today is the brand’s signature trademark.

François Girbaud was the first designer to use stonewashed denim, a signature style that is now a casual wear staple.

To date, François Girbaud and Closed have both maintained the same DNA that is as much about their own heritage as it is about constant search for innovation.

The capsule collection Closed × François Girbaud consisting of of pieces for both – men and women, features denim and chino trousers in warp stretch – a new lengthwise stretch that maintains its form in the width while at the same time allowing more space for free leg movement.

Starting this month, the collection will be available in selected Closed stores and international retail partners.

Closed × François Girbaud – denim and chino back to the roots and off to the future!

You can shop for Closed on their website and at Yoox.

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