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Great news for our friends at CORDURA® Brand, and even if it’s not strictly about denim, it also includes their amazing denim fabric we had been posting about here @Denimology many times. Congratulations, Cordura!

INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand has been recognized at the 48th annual Senken Synthetic Awards Ceremony in Japan with its first-ever “Senken Synthetic Fiber Prize”. Offering best-in-class fabric durability and performance, the CORDURA® brand has had the privilege of working with an increasing number of top Japanese brands in recent years to help deliver a broad range of products featuring durable CORDURA® fabric technologies.

The Senken Synthetic Awards is an annual ceremony held by Japanese fashion publication Senken Shimbun. The ceremony recognizes excellence in technological development, materials and marketing efforts in the synthetic fibers and fabrics industry. The Senken Synthetic Awards “Hit Product Award” honors highly regarded materials in any given year that have a long history of strong sales.

Originally used by specialist designer brands in Japan as a long-lasting solution for a range of urban and outdoor bag and pack styles, a broader portfolio of technical CORDURA® fabrics such as CORDURA® Combat WoolTM (nylon/wool blends), CORDURA® Denim and CORDURA® 4EverTM knits (nylon/cotton blends) are increasingly being incorporated into performance apparel, work clothing and lifestyle footwear applications where durability is valued.

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“CORDURA® fabrics enhance clothing and products that require rugged, durable fabrics to help outlast even the most severe conditions,” said Koji Sasaki, president at Senken Shimbun. “Since 2015, a wide variety of fashion meets function CORDURA® fabric technologies including CORDURA® Denim and Combat WoolTM have been introduced into the Japanese marketplace, all of which bring a special advancement to our products. Fabric technologies such as those developed by CORDURA® brand offer stylish, versatile durability that you cannot easily find from other textile sources.”

“The CORDURA® brand has a rich history in Japan, especially in the bag and pack segment where the heritage, durability, and functional performance of CORDURA® fabrics are valued. We are incredibly honored to be a part of many well-known and high-quality products designed in the region and to be awarded the prestigious Senken Synthetic Fiber Award for the first time,” said Anthony Green, global CORDURA® brand business director. “We are thankful for the support of our Japanese brand partners and for their continued drive for long-lasting, stylish products. They are always on the forefront of cutting-edge design, seamlessly melding fashion and function, and always an inspiration for our team to continue to push the boundaries of durable fabric solutions.”

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About the Senken Synthetic Awards

With the aim of supporting the continued development of the synthetic fiber/fabric industry, the Senken Synthetic Awards were established in 1970 to showcase excellence in technological development, materials and creative marketing efforts. The 48th annual awards ceremony will be held in 2018.


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