sustainable denim
Mostafiz Uddin, The Denim Expert

Mostafiz Uddin of Denim Expert Ltd. is launching his first sustainable men’s denim collection for fall/winter 2019.

The production of a jeans consumes and contaminates a huge amount of water. Mostafiz Uddin, owner and MD of jeans manufacturer, Denim Expert Ltd. from Bangladesh proves that there is an alternative. His first own men collection is produced with a focus on water saving.

The water consumption in conventional denim production is extremely high, at around 8,000 liters per jean – from cotton farming to the finished product. This makes jeans one of the most water-demanding garments in the industry.

And this accounts only for the production. The necessary frequent washing by the consumers add another 60% to the already enormous water waste. Mostafiz Uddin wants to raise awareness to the fact that each denim manufacturer in Bangladesh and around the world can contribute to water saving by implementing changes in the finishing process. Even if the producers have no impact on the farming conditions and the consumer´s washing, they can help to reduce the extensive water consumption in their own companies and be a role model for the necessary change in the other production steps.

With his first own collection Mostafiz Uddin wants to show how this can be done:

The finish, the different refining processes, contributes significantly to the water consumption. As an example, for the production of the currently trendy vintage look, a lot  of highly toxic chemicals are used. The jeans are also frequently treated with sand or sandpaper to obtain the used look. The resulting dust is harmful to health and, like the chemicals, must be carefully washed out of the garments with large amounts of water.

denim washes
Washing process

Mostafiz Uddin: “I have developed my own sustainable collection with my company, Denim Expert Ltd., with the latest technologies available in the denim world, totally eliminating the use of the long dry and wet process. We do not rely on chemicals, but on environmentally friendly processes, thus significantly reducing water consumption. In addition, we recycle the used water and re-purify it for inhouse use.”

Mostafiz Uddin is aware that these are only small steps towards a fully sustainable production, but he is convinced that his example will inspire the industry – and finally the consumers – to embrace the necessary changes and be willing to do everything in their power for a sustainable future – like he is doing.

Mostafiz Uddin: “We are a team of passionate, responsible and committed individuals doing our bit to protect the environment for the next generation. We understand the need of the hour, doing more with less to remain truly sustainable.”

Mostafiz Uddin’s sustainable jeans collection premieres at Kingpins in Amsterdam April 18th and 19th, 2018.