The Denim Expert will be launching their sustainable denim S/S’19 collection at Kingpins Amsterdam.

Denim processing is laborious. Water and chemical-intensive process, the effluent flow out of the washing plants around the world pollute the water and carry a serious, hazardous threat to our Eco-system and to human health.

“We, at Denim Expert, developed our new Eco-range products with the latest technologies available in the denim world, totally eliminating the long dry and wet process with laser machines. The labor intensive dry processes like scraping, whiskering, and vintage-like looks, are replaced by efficient laser techniques


NO Hazardous chemicals are being applied. All the chemicals used in the process are Green Screen certified.


NO Stones, No resins, NO PP, NO bleach


Very low level liquor levels, industry best at 1:3 liquor ratio


Efficient machines, finishing techniques that requires lesser energy

And most important, we are providing safer and better working environment for our workers.

We are a team of passionate, responsible and committed individuals doing our bit to protect the environment for next generation. We understand the need of the hour, doing more with less to remain truly sustainable.”

men's jeans
Men’s Stretch Denim – Vintage Wash with laser work subtle effect
denim men
Men’s Stretch Denim – Vintage Wash with laser throughout
Men’s Stretch Denim – Medium indigo wash with laser fading and whiskering
denim men
Men’s Stretch Denim – Mid Vintage with laser throughout