patchwork jeans

Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing a double denim ensemble while heading to Madison Square Garden for the New York Ranger hockey game, accompanied by a friend. She wore a ’47 New York Rangers cap to show her support of the team.

Gigi’s double denim outfit was comprised of a pair of the RE/DONE Levi’s high rise patchwork jean from a couple of seasons ago and a denim jacket with faux fur details from the fall/winter ’18 collection of Norwegian brand, Holzweiler.

Gigi wore a red RtA hoodie in sync with her all red and blue look. Gigi, being a slim and tall supermodel can get away with all these patches. But if you are not and slim as her, please stay away. All these details, the patches on the jeans, as well as the faux fur patches on the denim jacket will make you look un-proportional 😉

You can shop for RE/DONE jeans on their website, at Intermix, and at Barney’s.

double denim