Don the Fuller jeans is an Italian brand which started in 2013 by people that have been working in the Italian denim Industry since 1985. We got caught by these black and white images, transpiring a super cool and very trendy vibe. And best of all, Don is totally sustainable-conscious – Bravo!!

Here’s more about the brand:

“The term “Don” identifies precisely the “Italian character” of the jeans. “Don” is a prefix used before the name and shows respect towards the person you’re talking to.


We strive to give our customers a pair of jeans with the DNA of very high quality, expert Italian craftsmanship, as well as quality, safety, and environmental certification of the production process.

Our Spring and summer 2018 collection has been developed by Rinaldo Flemak. He is an outstanding designer, very well known in this sector, with the experience and vision needed to create a beautiful, innovative, and high quality line of products.

Included in the Don the Fuller collection, are our special selvedge jeans, which denims are produced with ancient Japanese looms, less than one meter wide.”

We also love the fact that Don the Fuller is doing its part in being Eco-friendly by using sustainable washes and processing of their jeans:

“Don the Fuller denim treatments are the result of the worldwide research on the washings, all strictly Made in Italy, ecological, respectful of the environment, and processed by certified companies.

The Don the Fuller washings are in the vanguard in terms of environmental impact because they use ecological sandblasts (“Eco Aging”) which protects the workers from the silicosis risk and use a very reduced amount of water with savings up to 95% (“Zero Water Wash”) compare to the traditional washing methods.

As opposed to almost 45 liters of water for traditional washing for EACH PAIR of jeans, with “Zero Water Wash” we need only 5 liters.

Our company always searches for smart solution to save water and energy. We always use chemical products under the Oekotex certification, in order to guarantee the maximum of sustainability.”

You can check out the Don the Fuller jeans on their website and shop for them here among many other retailers in Europe, Japan, and Korea.


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