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Trave denim is an LA based denim brand, and we are stoked to introduce them here @Denimology. We’re always on the hunt for new denims and new denim brands and it’s so exciting to discover what’s new out there.

We have been following Trave on Instagram for a while and love what we are seeing. What called our attention most was that their denim washes are based on vintage, their jeans look “loved” and used, exactly how vintage jeans are supposed to look. And it’s not for nothing – the owner and creator of the brand, I.J. Kim, has been a collector of vintage jeans since forever:

“On his first day of school in America, Creative Director, I.J. Kim’s mind was blown when he saw the other kids wearing jeans instead of the austere uniforms he was accustomed to in Seoul.

Thus began his life-long obsession with collecting vintage jeans. He studied each pair’s distinct markings, fades, and tears, imagining the stories behind them, of the people who wore them.

I.J.’s obsession endures to this day. After leaving behind a successful career in engineering, he relocated from the East Coast to Los Angeles, where he learned the craft and trade of denim from the ground up. Two years later, with his youthful passion and unique background as inspiration, I.J. was ready to bring his original perspective to the existing market.

Synonymous with “crossbeam” – a vital support component in architecture – TRAVE was launched with the express purpose of complementing every woman’s natural beauty.

The entire collection is designed with an uncompromising attention to detail. From thread colors and fabrics to fits and washes, every element, every possible combination, is meticulously considered before the first stitch is sewn. This precision approach skillfully balances masculine strength with feminine sensuality. And it is the base for reinventing vintage style with a contemporary sophistication, while maintaining its timeless, effortlessly cool appeal. The result is a flawlessly constructed pair of jeans, engineered for the perfect fit, wearable anytime, and anywhere.

Inspired by heritage. Designed and handcrafted in LA.
TRAVE is your style crossbeam. The rest is for you to build.”

You ca shop for Trave denim on their website as well as at these retailers.

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