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R13 Takes “Double Denim” to Another Level

R13 Takes “Double Denim” to Another Level

Fashion forward brand R13 is taking double denim to the next level. Wait, not sure if I should really call them “fashion forward” or rather anti-fashion forward?

I mean, R13 has been coming out with some quite weird stuff in the last few seasons. Where once they used to be creative in a “do-able” way in terms of wearability of their clothes, they have now gone to the extreme opposite.

Example here is a pair of baggy jeans with an extra half jeans attached to the back, the Keaton Double Back Jean.

Creating denim for the very few who can afford to shell out big bucks for a pair of jeans AND are willing to wear something just to show that they can, or who are at the receiving end of brand-gifting.

At any rate, here is one more weird denim post and you can either laugh out loud or cry…but the good thing is …… TGIF! 🙂

In the mood for some outlandish R13 denim? You can check out what else they have in their more wearable collection at Barney’s and at Net-A-Porter.


  1. as we all know – there is no discussion about taste 😉 and yeah, love those boots, too!!!

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