ripped jeans

What I love about McGuire denim is that they infuse a contemporary NYC edge into their made-in-LA jeans. Their collections always tend to be combining classic with trendy without going “overboard” or trying to hard.

The Ibiza High Rise jean combines several trends: high waisted, racer-stripe, distressed, and cropped. The wash is in a light blue, resembling a bit of an acid wash, but not overwhelmingly so. The fit of the jean is slim, I wouldn’t say skinny, but not too tight fitting and also not slouchy enough to be considered a boyfriend fit.

With these jeans you can play a lot, experiment many different ways how to style them. They’ll look cool in whatever way. Be it with those high stiletto sandals as shown here on the images, or with a pair of pointy booties.

My suggestion of how to wear them is with a frilly and feminine top layered under an oversized borrowed-from-the-guys blazer. Mix sporty (the racer stripes), rebellious (the rips), trendy (hi-rise), with menswear, and you will be the center of attention wherever you go. As a goup-de-grâce add a pair of men’s style oxfords and sheer socks.

You can shop for McGuire jeans at Revolve and at Shopbop.

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