denim trousers

For years the denim trouser has been included in many collections – but we have never seen this style really taking off.

Personally, I always felt that the right* denim trousers are a top choice to wear when you need to dress up, but don’t want to give up wearing jeans.

*It all depends on the way denim trousers are cut and styled. Tight fitting or too oversized won’t work and neither will a too low rise.

3×1’s denim expert, Scott Morrison, has created a perfect and totally awesome pair of this style. With years and years of experience in denim, Scott definitely knows where to “take” and where to “give”: make the trousers a bit oversized, but not too much, long enough to touch the floor, but without a cuffed hem, just a larger finished hem with double stitching to add a bit of weight so the trouser legs fall nicely instead of just sticking out at the sides.

The Pleated Oversized Trouser features a super high rise and slit pockets. and is made from a high Tencel count fabric for a very soft, silky feel while maintaining the look of “real” denim.

Trouser jeans are truly made for a more sophisticated and elegant look, so don’t even think about dressing them down, or wear them too slouchy with sneakers or flip flops. If you’re aiming for that kind of look – any boyfriend style will do it for you!

Instead I suggest wearing them with a pair of very pointy heels or booties, and for a borrowed-from-the-men’s look, pair them with a striped button down shirt and a double breasted blazer.

Or, if you want to go all the way feminine and eye-catching, add a pair of glitter booties or strap sandals, a lace cami, and a cropped fun fur jacket.

You can shop for the 3×1 pleated denim trousers on their website and at Shopbop.

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