Amal Clooney decided to bring out her inner rocker as she was out for dinner with hubby, George Clooney in New York City.

She wore a pair of leather chaps from the newest Alexander Wang collection. At first we thought that these were a pair of denim cutoffs styled with insanely high over-the-knee leather boots. But, looking closer, she’s not wearing thigh-high boots at all but pants pants that combine both denim cutoffs and leather leggings all into one.

They are the Black & Blue Leather Hybrid Moto Pants made of skinny fitting lambskin leather and overlayed with distressed denim shorts. The pants have long zippers on the front of the lower legs and the hems are done with a light blue denim finish. Insane jeans and what a feast also for the zipper fetish among us!

Amal wore her leather chaps with a simple black t-shirt, a jacket with fur details, and black booties.

And there is more, the same style also comes in a skirt version: the Leather and Denim Hybrid Moto Skirt. The idea is the same, distressed and light wash denim over leather, check them out at Shopbop.