Without Equality There can be no Fair Working Conditions

The BANGLADESH DENIM EXPO is much more than just a fair. It assembles the denim world in Bangladesh and inspires them to embrace innovations and take new steps.

Its 8th edition will center around the important theme “Equality” – for people as well as for the entire production chain.

On May 9th and 10th, 2018 Bangladesh will once more welcome the apparel world to the Bangladesh Denim Expo. The fair is one of the denim industry´s most important hubs and has won a reputation as a guidepost, leading the way to the industry´s future.

The Bangladesh Denim Expo presents the theme “Equality” in order highlight the progress that has been made in Bangladesh regarding equality in the working conditions and treatment of employees.

But equality is not only an individual issue, it also has economic and political dimensions. Therefore the Bangladesh Denim Expo wants to mobilize global brands, retailers, manufacturers, governments, and development partners to establish a more equitable global apparel supply chain.

The fair will approach the topic from different angles and focus on various aspects of equality and how they can be achieved:

• Equal rights for both workers and employers to ensure that both are treated with respect and create a good working relationship.

• Equal responsibilities of all stakeholders in the apparel supply chain to ensure safety in the workplace, sustainable work practices, environmental considerations, and transparency.

• Equal opportunity for all – regardless of gender, religion or sexual orientation, opportunities should be equal to all and individuals assessed on their capabilities.

• Gender equality – treating men and women equally, including equal pay, no gender discrimination, no sexual harassment. But mutual respect, with attention to certain gender specific needs.

“The Bangladesh Denim Expo has become a spot of regular get together of key denim stakeholders from across the world,” says founder and CEO Mostafiz Uddin. “The visitors also exchange their views and discuss the importance of the themes. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Bangladesh Denim Expo is successfully contributing to improve the working conditions by creating tangible awareness.”