embellished denim

Cardi B was snapped arriving for a promo appearance in New York City. She was wearing a VERY embellished denim jacket, and by that we kinda mean, well, weird embellished, or too mucho! And FYI: It’s a Laurence & Chico denim jacket.

I guess it’s ok to wear an outfit like this, including a see-through knit skirt and baby-blue also embellished booties, if you are a rapper star.

But I can’t imagine that too many of you ladies out there would actually want to wear such a concoction. The shoulders are off-shoulder with what looks like an attached upper part of a button-down shirt. The sleeves are oversized puffy with double ruffles, no, make that triple ruffles, including the ones on the shoulders. Along the front and all over the waistband, ruffles again. And topping off all the ruffles are pearl studs and pearl buttons. And not to mention that empire waist clinched with a belt.

Nah, I think not. But then again, a rapper look…..