stretch denim

Mexican actress, Elza Gonzalez, looked totally stunning in her super skinny jeans as she was heading out for a lunch appointment in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Her high waisted jeans showed off her shape to perfection, accentuating her long legs and tiny waist. Elza chose to team her jeans with a white, loose fitting, baby tee which is neither too cropped nor to bulky and oversized.

To complete her outfit, Elza added a red baseball cap, a black leather belt, and black booties.

Elza’s jeans are made of a very “revealing” (and ungrateful) stretch denim. The slightest imperfection, the tiniest bulge in your legs, will be visible in a pair of such tight and stretchy jeans. You need to be careful when wearing jeans as tight and high waisted as Elza’s. The clean medium blue wash without any distressing or rips also draws a lot of attention to your legs and butt, so this is why I suggest triple check before you leave your house in a pair like these 🙂

You can buy hi-rise skinny jeans here. And I also have a few suggestions for skinny jeans that absolutely will NOT show any kind of bulge or imperfection, like the Parker Smith Bombshell jeans which are made of their trademark shape denim, or the 3×1 hgh rise skinny jeans, which are made of a sturdier stretch denim from Turkey.

hi-rise skinny jeans