OMG – this is so awesome! I have been in lust with Chimala jeans for years and now, and as of this Saturday (tomorrow, April 7th), 180 The Store will be hosting an exclusive Chimala installation. The installation will include an extensive collection of archival vintage denim styles and will only be available at 180 (first come, first serve).

“The art of aged denim
The beauty and emotion of toughness
The feeling and familiarity of worn in garments
Become part of your skin, part of your life.

Established in 2005, Chimala launched men’s and women’s together for Spring/Summer ‘06. Designed by Noriko Machida, Chimala is based in New York, but 100% crafted in Japan. Chimala has both men’s and women’s collections – the collections share a large amount of unisex styles. Elevated jeans, denim shirts, outerwear, and basics are the core every Chimala collection and allow it to pair well with other brands and styles.

Chimala creates its look by pursuing the best fabrics of the highest quality from Japan and by obtaining the most sophisticated skills in production from the finest Japanese artisans – washing and distressing methods that can only be done by hand. Every style goes through a vigorous process of blasting, washing and detailing, and hand distressing after which the piece gets overdyed. Woven on pre-WWII vintage shuttle looms in traditional ways, Chimala only uses authentic selvedge denim, a true rarity for a women’s brand.

Jeans are pintucked at pockets, waistband, and hem to create three-dimensional detailing and incredible fit.

With inspiration deeply sourced from vintage clothing styles and design details, Chimala’s pieces often reinterpret workwear from the 50’s-70’s in an elegant fashion with a unisex twist – think off the body and effortless.

Noriko extensively sources inspiration from vintage pieces and selvedge slubs to recreate a jacket or jean with strength and history. She frequently references military workwear and is inspired by the power of the uniform. Chimala’s fits are designed to be baggy and worn away from the body – accentuating its workwear influences. If you like a closer fit, we recommend sizing down.

Chimala means beauty in Native American She also refers to the collection as Chimalayan which means an imaginary mountain in Himalaya.

The Vintage Straight Jean and the Selvedge Ankle Cut on based on classic Levi 501s styles that are no longer in production
Chimala has incredibly tight distribution and is only sold in select stores . It’s “hard to find” reputation has resulted in a cult following.”

Personally, I love knowing about a woman designing this kind of selvedge vintage and workwear denim. It is a section of the denim industry, predominately led by men still. Nobody better than a women to understand our need for a perfect vintage jean, in the exact fit and style ….the longing we have to be authentic with our denim choices, too, and not only always do the – “fashion de rigueur” skinny stretch jeans.

You can also shop for regular Chimala jeans at Yoox and at Mr. Porter.