It’s happening – G-Star RAW came out with a special capsule, featuring skinny jeans that are truly form fitting, shaping, and – by the look of the dancer in their promotional video – also super comfortable.

We were curious and  asked the G-Star guys about the composition of these jeans: 60% cotton, 18% polyester, 11% elastomultiester, 7% viscose and 4% elastane (Lycra). The fit is absolutely true to size.

G-Star, known for their more rigid and boyfriend kind of jeans, is now joining the dynamic athleisurewear trend, and we can’t wait to try them on.

“To introduce a fresh approach to women’s jeans, G-Star RAW presents the G-Star Shape.

These jeans are meant to fit like a glove. They feature pioneering pattern construction and high-performance fabrics, which make them move freely with the female form.

Mette Towley, the dancer who stars in N.E.R.D.’s “Lemon” video and now the G-Star Shape video, embodies this freedom in her work and her life. The G-Star Shape contours to her body emphasizing her narrow waist and curved hips. Mette’s passion, craft and artistry seamlessly compliment the G-Star woman. Mette is a forceful female who knows what she wants. In the words of Pharrell, “she walks around with a psychic force.”

Mette proves how imperative it is to be yourself and understand that you hold the license to come as you are, regardless of anyone who tries to squeeze you in a box. In Mette’s own words: “There’s no box for what beauty is anymore. It’s amazing to feel like the grey space is being filled and the spectrum is more vibrant than ever. I feel most empowered as a woman when my strong silhouette isn’t asked to compromise. It’s like this. I shape my life. And G-Star Shape follows my curves.”

In the words of Rebekka Bach, Head of Women’s Design:

“We want all women to know that they can do the same – shape their own life – which is why we welcomed Mette into the G-Star RAW family with open arms when Pharrell introduced her to the brand. We want all women to know that a wardrobe should shape their attitude. It should never constrain it. We want to give them the freedom to move as they see best. Mette brings this across flawlessly.”

The G-Star Shape is available online and in the G-Star stores.