WOW – I think that this is the first time in ages that we’re seeing Gwen Stefani in 1) skinny jeans, 2) not paint splattered or over-distressed, and 3) in spot-on fashion jeans!

Gwen is known for her preference of drop-crotch and carrot jeans, or, at least, baggy boyfriend jeans. I can’t remember her ever going with what fashion dictates, but rather always following her own style.

Here she is wearing  pair of clean wash light blue skinnies with fashionable knee holes. The only concession of not totally adhering to trends, is that her jeans are rather low rise instead of the mandatory high waist.

Gwen paired her jeans with a white printed t-shirt layered underneath a denim shirt and a red eye-catching puffer jacket.

And very “Gwen-like”, she accessorized with matching leopard booties and also leopard print framed sunglasses.

You can buy skinny low rise jeans here and here.


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