The Worlds of Raw Denim and Street Fighter™ 2 collide for the second time. If you loved the first collab, you’re going to be raving over this second “show”!

After their initial huge launch success, Naked & Famous now released the second part of their collaboration with Street-Fighter 2:

Naked & Famous Denim and Japanese video game developer, Capcom, have
partnered up once again to produce a capsule collection of jeans and shirts featuring characters from the arcade classic Street Fighter™ 2.

“I couldn’t be more excited for Round 2 of our Street Fighter™ II X Naked & Famous Denim
collaboration!” exclaims N&F designer + founder, Brandon Svarc, “We are releasing three  new character themed jeans as well as three awesome shirts that were not easy to make, but the quality results were worth it in the end.”


For this capsule collection, jeans featuring the characters Chun Li, Blanka and M. Bison were made using custom woven Japanese selvedge denim fabrics. Each one was designed to embody the persona of the character they are based on. Details include: character artwork leather patch, signature icon pocket embroidery, character portrait printed pocket bags, and holofoil pocket flasher featuring artwork from Udon Comics.

The jeans are made in Canada from denim that was woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms in the Okayama prefecture of Japan. The yarns are dyed with indigo in a special process called rope dying. In this process, only the outermost layers of the cotton yarn absorb indigo dye, leaving the core of the yarn white. With prolonged wear, this unique fabric will gradually shed layers of indigo and slowly reveal a beautifully and uniquely faded pair of jeans.

Three iterations of 8-Bit icon shirts were created: Ryu & Ken (the “heroes” of the game), Hadouken (the famous energy projectiles thrown by some characters), and Akuma (one of the notorious villains along with his “Heaven” kanji).

These icons are not merely printed onto the fabric, but instead are woven into the fabric in a rare process called cut-jacquard weaving. This unique and slow process gives the shirt a
luxurious feel and appearance that cannot be replicated by mass production methods. The shirts are made in Canada in North Americas oldest existing shirt manufacturing company with fabric that was custom produced in Japan.

This extremely limited collection is now available at select Naked & Famous denim retailers worldwide.