It comes to a point when I totally, absolutely, and definitely, need a break from all the ripped, shredded, holed, trashed jeans. I am not saying that I don’t love those, very much on the contrary, I am obsessed.

But every once in a while I feel like I am getting rip-and-distressed overdosed, and I need to break away a bit and “regroup”. The only way to do this is to get into a pair of clean wash, dark blue skinnies with no frayed hems, no cropped lengths, no artificial whiskering…I am sure you’re getting my point. Oh and yes, preferably made of sustainable denim. I am very much into sustainable everything and very environmental conscious, down to recycling all my garbage 😉

Enter the Triarchy High Waisted Lake Blue Skinny. Stark, to the point and no frill, no distressing, and in a form fitting strong denim. These jeans speak for themselves, in the way they fit and contour your body. And they are totally sustainable.

You want to know more about these skinny jeans? Want to know all about the fit and feel of them. No problem. Triarchy has sent a pair to our star reviewer, Roxy, and she will be back here soon to tell you all about these babies, cool?!

Meantime, check out all the other sustainable and #howmuchwaterareyouwearing denims from Triarchy here.