Home Editorials Denim Uniform?! Absolutely – And Here are the Tees!

Denim Uniform?! Absolutely – And Here are the Tees!

Denim Uniform?! Absolutely – And Here are the Tees!

The uniform of jeans/t-shirt is probably the most worn uniform in the whole universe! Or do you know of any other outfit or combination that is worn universally all the time anywhere?

Ok, having pointed that out, let’s move to the upper uniform part for a change. The fundamental, basic, and not so basic, the statement, and the un-statement t-shirt.

Assuming that most of you ladies already own at least twenty kinds of basic white tees, we have decided to go looking for what else is out there.

And, ahem, well this is the lady’s edition, but you guys are very welcome to borrow from the lady. The men’s edit will be out shortly, so stay tuned!

denim uniforms
Lauren Moshi Amare Tee

Sexy one-shoulder-off 😉 (and so very super soft and comfy)

RE/DONE Boxer-Print Cotton T-Shirt

Love vintage?!

Topshop Summer Feeling t-shirt

Get fringed

wear with your jeans
Queen 1980 Tour Tee

For the Queen fans (we can’t wait for the Freddie Mercury movie release)

band t-shirts
MADEWORN Rock+ K Grateful Dead Crop Tee

Band t-shirts your thing?

Knowlita New York tee

Which city is you?

designer t-shirts
Gucci Jersey Logo Tee

For the label whores – and its a nice take on the original Gucci logo

ripped t-shirts

Show your inner rebel

distressed t-shirts
Project Social T Suzie Stripe Tee

Distressed and striped – can’t go wrong