The campaign launch of Gap’s new product category, Wearlight Denim, was developed by Yard NYC in partnership with Gap, and shows enthusiastic wearers of the 2018 summer line bouncing around a set at all angles, giving the appearance of light, airy and carefree – the optimism of summer. Yard NYC explored the many facets of lightness, highlighting how light summer can feel when you’re free to play any way you want.

The agency collaborated with director Kim Gerig to showcase the novelty of Wearlight, combining it with the optimistic sensibility of Gap. Using a custom-built set, where trampolines were built into the space, and partnering with Yoanne Bourgeois, a professional choreographer who specializes in trampoline performances, the shoot brought the world of Wearlight Denim to life. Performers move effortlessly as they float, jump and drop from the all-white set.

Yard NYC also shot behind-the-scenes footage of the campaign, showcasing the complexity and creativity of the whole production. The amount of talent, coordination and effort to develop this campaign is evident as the cast practices bouncing off the trampolines and works with the choreographer to perfect the movements. This campaign was done in camera with no special effects, demanding exceptional strength and talent from the performers.

The campaign brings to life the notion of: “When you are your lightest self, you can do more, play more, and enjoy the summer months.”

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