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Ripped Jeans for Men – Yes? No? Maybe?

Ripped Jeans for Men – Yes? No? Maybe?
drop crotch jeans with ankle zippers
SikSilk Muscle Fit Drop Crotch Jeans With Distressing

Have you ever stopped and thought about why everybody is always talking about ripped jeans for women, but rarely about ripped jeans for guys?

So I think it’s about time to do something about this and let’s get your guys into some ripped denim, too. But, unfortunately, it’s kind of easier said than done as with the guys, it really depends a lot more on the style and wash of the jeans as well as the kind of rips, than for the ladies.

With men’s jeans, it’s easy to look either as if you were trying too hard when the rips are too artificial, or, not caring enough about how you look, if the rips are kind of random. Trying too hard is fashion victim, and not caring enough is sloppy and un-sexy.

Explaining: The perfect pair of ripped jeans for men are the ones that already come in a vintage wash, preferably in a lighter blue. Add to that some scraps, holes, and shreds, and you will be good. But if your jeans are still looking too new, or the wash is too dark, then it won’t work, and you will come off as being a fashion victim.

The difference between holes, scrapes, and shreds:

Holes are like windows where people can see your legs. It looks more natural when the holes are made horizontally across the leg. The hole on your jeans should not be more than a couple of inches when you are standing up. When you sit down, the hole exposes more of your knee or leg.

Shreds remain and cover up the hole. It’s also better to keep them in small proportions. Do not use too many shreds as those will just destroy your jeans.

Scrapes are small scratches on the surface of your jeans, usually rather small and sparse. Do not use jeans with too many scrapes to avoid an artificial look.

We have rounded up a few rad blue wash options for you to get excited about:

skinny jeans men
Dr. Denim



shredded jeans men
AG Tellis Slim Fit Jeans


distressed denim men
DIESEL ripped detail straight leg jeans

If you prefer rather distressed (scraped) than ripped

light blue jeans men

rag & bone 

As for black jeans, the same applies. If your jeans are a dark, clean black, holes and rips won’t “convince”, except maybe with a tiny detail, like the BLANKNYC below. Otherwise, you should do washed out blacks, the more beaten up, the better. See some options below:

black jeans men

A classic black with just two tiny knee rips

skinny knee rip jeans men


stretch jeans men
Silver Jeans Co.

If you love stretch denim

acid wash jeans