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As you all know, Levi’s® was one of the pioneers in creating a sustainable denim collection. That was in 2010, and back then, nobody had yet paid much attention to how important sustainable is for all of us on this planet. The collection was named Water<Less™, and has been a staple in the Levi’s denim collections ever since.

We wanted to know more, like how is today’s Water<Less™ collection comparing to then. And we also had the great opportunity to get some updates from Paul Dillinger, Levi’s® VP of Global Product Innovation.

About Levi’s® Water<Less™:

“Levi’s® designers set out to create an entirely new approach for using less water in the finishing process: the Levi’s® Water<Less collection.

So far, Levi’s® has saved more than 2 billion liters and recycled more than 200 million liters of water. As of today, more than 40% of all Levi’s® products are made with Water<Less® techniques. Levi’s® can reduce up to 96% of the water normally used in denim finishing, the final stage in making of a pair of jeans. By 2020, our goal is for 80% of all Levi’s® products to be made using Water<Less® innovations.

Levi’s® Wellthread™ x Outerknown:
In 2017, Levi’s® has teamed up with sustainable menswear brand, Outerknown, to create a capsule collection of responsibly made products. Utilizing Levi’s® innovative Wellthread™ approach and Outerknown’s sustainable design ethos, the entire collection was produced using inventive practices and visionary materials, focused on protecting the environment and supporting the people making this collection.

sustainable denim shirtsLaunched in 2015, Wellthread™ represents an industry-leading approach to making denim more sustainably. Wellthread™ products address sustainability at every step of the supply chain. Each item in the collection is made with less water and centered around a single-fiber strategy that allows for 100% closed loop recycle-ability, including buttons, labels and snaps. The denim utilizes extra-long Supima® cotton grown in the USA for enhanced durability.
 All products are also produced in factories that participate in the Levi Strauss & Co. Worker Well-being initiative, which aims to improve the lives of workers who make the company’s products – both inside and outside factory walls.

The premiere Levi’s® Wellthread™ x Outerknown collection consists of four pieces including the classic Levi’s® 511™ jean and Trucker jacket. Ranging from $128-$185, the collection is available at,, select Outerknown international wholesale partners, and select Levi’s® retail stores throughout New York, California, Oregon, Colorado, and Nevada. Both brands will continue to collaborate, crafting seasonal collections for years to come.

Q&A: Paul Dillinger, Levi’s® VP of Global Product Innovation

Q: What would make her or him choose a pair of sustainable jeans instead of a regular (that’s a bad word, btw – any better suggestions?) pair of jeans?

A: As fast fashion and deep discounting enable the fashion consumer to buy more and more clothing every season, it’s important that we educate ourselves on the impact of consumption. We need to understand that we are not just buying a cute outfit. We are buying the manufactured output of an industrial system that consumes resources and creates waste. Each item of clothing is an assemblage of materials, and each material has a distinct environmental or social impact.

The most important thing is to become informed. Make thoughtful, deliberate choices and do a little research before you buy. I also think that consumers should maintain a degree of healthy skepticism when they’re confronted with a marketing campaign that shouts loudly about a product’s sustainable bona fides. There’s no one right answer, and there’s no easy solution.

Q: How does the wash compare? Can you tell the difference just by looking or touching?

A: There is this false notion that ethical fashion can’t also be good looking or cool – that ethics and aesthetics can’t exist together. Outerknown is helping us break that perception and show that we can make ethical, amazing looking products that don’t sacrifice sustainability. We believe that, ultimately, it takes more than one company to make a difference. Working together with Outerknown with the goal to move the apparel industry forward is a huge opportunity and step in the right direction for sustainable apparel.

You can shop for the Levi’s Water<Less collection here, and for the Levis x Outerknown collaboration, here.