Triarchy High Waist Jean in Lake Blue Denim Review- front view

Hi there! I just want to start off by letting you know how excited I am about reviewing the Triarchy High Rise Skinny Jeans in Lake Blue. Now If you haven’t heard of Triarchy, chances are you will soon, because this brand is “making a BIG spash” in the denim world (pun intended) . Triarchy is not your average high fashion denim brand, no, they are much more than that. What sets them apart is the fact that they are a sustainable denim brand that values not only the aesthetic of  fashion,  but the effects it has on our planets most precious resource, water! Im sure all us denim lovers know how much work goes into denim and the science behind it, all the formulas it takes to achieve that perfect tone, hue, etc, not to mention  the water!By offering a more green alternative to the production and manufacturing of their denim, they are able to save water, use recycled materials for their hardware and labeling (which I was super obsessed about!) and take care of the people they work with in their factories and in their atelier in LA. Now I won’t go too much into the science behind it all because frankly I don’t think I could describe it any better than they already have on their website (sorry, I tried and it just didn’t sound or look  as cool as what they already did) So please, just do youself a favor and check it out here. Checked It out? good! Now lets get to it, read on for my Triarchy High Waist Jean in Lake Blue Denim Review

Triarchy High Waist Jean in Lake Blue Denim Review- crop side viewThis Triarchy High rise Jean in Lake Blue  Is a nicely weighted cotton denim blend. its a Beautiful classic dark denim wash that pairs beautifully with a tee shirt or feminine blouse…in my case, I kept it simple with a white tee and my favorite booties because I just felt like these Jeans needed to shine on their own! They have very  light sanding at the thighs, hips and the “seat” (aka tha booty) and might I add that the quality of the denim feels nicely weighted, not too heavy and not too thin! My only comment on the sizing  would be to definitely size up because they do run on the small side and Triarchy does make mention of this on their website (which I saw after I got my jeans). These jeans  won’t bag out, which is awesome!  The high waist sits perfectly at belly button level, and the leg opening is a perfect skinny-leg-opening of 8.5″. In terms of the overall length, they were a little long on me (as most jeans are, because Im 5’2) so I feel that is what was causing all the bunching at the ankles  and probably the knees??  But thats nothing new and Ill most likely get that hemmed. They were deffiniltey comfortable and I was able to bend, sit and wear comfortably. These jeans kept everything in its place and had great control overall.

Moving on to my favorite, favorite part..the trims!!! I am absolutely obsessing over how beautiful the recycled leather back patch and the recycled sheet metal rivots and buttons  are. Those small details  definitely gave this basic 5-pocket jean lots of  character and interest. This  goes to show the amount of attention to detail the Triarchy team has, and I can genuinely see their love for their mission in creating beautiful SUSTAINABLE denim  that not only makes you feel great on the outside but also warms your heart on the inside.

You can’t go wrong with this Triarchy’s High Rise Skinny Jean in Lake Blue. You can buy this  clean, classic, high rise here.


    • I bet! These weren’t too bad either ;);) so many jeans…so little time! LOL Thanks for commenting!

  1. Awesome jeans! Just wondering, did you tuck the shirt in or no? The outfit looks great on you!

    • Thanks Joseph! Tee shirt semi-tucked! I like my tops to bag over my jeans for a more “Laid back” effect. Thanks for the comment!

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