Home Events 3rd Edition of Denimsandjeans: More Details

3rd Edition of Denimsandjeans: More Details

3rd Edition of Denimsandjeans: More Details


The 3rd edition of Denimsandjeans is going to have 6 denim sessions during the show. International Denim Experts will be flying to Vietnam to hold their seminar and presentation on June 27 and 28 at the beautiful Riverside Palace, Ho Chi Minh City.

The shows of Denimsandjeans have become known for their informative seminars, panel discussions and presentations. Since the beginning, the organizers always brought renowned denim experts to set up a knowledge transfer platform at their different shows.

In the previous Denim Shows, such talks have attracted a massive audience and enabled them to know about the latest developments and innovations.

The following talks have been scheduled for the 3rd edition:

1. 3D Printing and Its Future

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D A N I T  P E L E G | June 27th – 02.00 PM: She is the first Internationally acclaimed fashion designer who printed entire 3D collection at her home. Danit is from Israel and will speak on the above topic. She has been invited to TED Talks recently which received more than million hits on the YouTube. Danit was chosen to be the designer of Amy Purdy’s dress for her dance at the Paralympics Opening Ceremony in Rio 2016.

2. Future of denim sourcing – online


S A N D E E P A G A R W A L | June 27th – 03.00 PM: Founder of Denimsandjeas.com. An International Fashion Website which has been catering the Global Denim Community over a decade. Mr. Sandeep is going to share his presentation on this topic and will be launching a global application for the industry.

3. How to connect DENIM Supply Chain for Sustainable Development

denim talksD E N I M S U M M I T | June 28th – 09.30 AM: Vietnam Textile Organization (VITAS) will hold a denim summit and make a presentation on the latest treaties and their effect on the Vietnam exports, the topic of the presentation would be This summit will witness the presence of big heads from Vietnamese Garment Industry.

4. The Digital Transformation from Analog to Digital

SIMON FROM J E A N O L O G I A | June 28 th – 11.30 AM: Mr Simon from Jeaonlogia (Spain ) will present the seminar on the topic.

5. The times they are a changing – and so is sourcing: a look at dramatic
changes over the last few decades.

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S T E F A N O A L D I G H E R I | June 28th – 02.00 PM – Ex Creative Director of 7 For All Mankind from USA and currently creative director at Arvind and very well-known International Denim Expert , Stefano will give his talk. Mr. Stefano is currently serving as the Creative Director of Arvind Limited, India.

6. Pop Culture and Denim – How Celebrities Affect Trends

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D I L E K E R I K | June28th – 03.00 PM : One of the most reputed Denim Expert from Turkey, Dilek Erik is going to share her thoughts on this topic.

To visit the sessions, the buyer may register here.