knee rip jeans

Bella Hadid shows us here how to transform an Haute Couture Outfit into a funky denim look. She had been at the Dior launch party for their new affordable Backstage makeup line all dressed up in a – what seems to be – long black dress (see image below). As it turned out, the outfit was not a long dress, but a separate top and skirt and Bella just exchanged the skirt for one of her beloved jeans. Genius thinking Bella!

Bella wore her jeans over a pair of black tights and with black sling back pumps – looks like she must have hurt her foot, as the bandage is clearly visible on the back of her foot.

She finished off her look with a large black Dior belt and a black cotton beret also from Dior.

You can buy similar ripped straight leg jeans here and here.


straight leg jeans