white ruffle jeans

We have been talking and posting a lot of white denim lately and I am working on a super post full of white denim options. But when I saw these BLANKNYC babies, I decided to post like right now, as these must be selling out pretty fast and we absolutely cannot loose the chance to click and buy. Why?

Well, fist off these adorable ruffles, not too overdone, they are such a flirty addition to a pair of white jeans that usually are quite meh, right.

Second, they are made of supersoft stretch denim that actually holds your stuff together and are NOT see-through like a lot of white jeans with stretch are.

And third, well, the under $100 price tag is not something that will max out our creditcard, and not only this. The jeans do look like and feel like any overpriced denim you can find for three to four times as much out there.

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