skinny jeans men

5-pocket, slim fit jean, 98.5% Cotton, 1.5% Elastane. Ring spun, subtle slub effect, 12.50 oz stretch Denim, medium indigo stone wash with localized fading, whiskering, and damage details

The Denim Expert Ltd. has been busy over the last few months developing our new collection for fall/winter 2019. Check out the newest addition, and you can also read about more new styles and washes from the fall/winter 2019 collection here.

“As a team of dedicated denim lovers we have researched the global market, consulted with our partners and customers, and drawn inspiration from heritage denim. What we have discovered during our extensive research has led to some interesting results for the evolution of the product developments for fall/winter 2019.

At Denim Expert Ltd. we firmly believe that the starting point for any product development has to be the fabric base. And what we have unearthed during our development research is the continued demand for stretch denim and the ever growing array of stretch denim styles, particularly for men. We have been able to find modern fabric bases that reflect heritage articles – a true evolution of denim for the 21st Century!

Combining a variety of fabric bases, which cover a number of slub patterns (from subtle ring slubs, through to more overt cross-hatch effects) and a variety of indigo shades, from the deepest indigo, through to brighter blue and green cast denim, we have created a collection that pays homage to heritage denim and adapted it to the modern man’s need. All of the fabrics offer the best of comfort stretch technology. The weight ranges from 10.5 to 12.5 oz.

Whilst developing the product line, we paid particular attention to the finishing techniques. We have made a concrete effort to develop a range of natural, well-worn and used effects by utilizing the latest in finishing technology, paying particular attention to the environmental impact and sustainable credentials of the applications used. We are pleased to say that our  fall/winter 2019 line was developed with the most sustainable techniques available.”

stretch jeans men

5-pocket, slim fit jean, 81% Cotton 17.5% Polyester, 1.5% Elastane, green casted indigo, 10.50 oz stretch denim. Medium stone wash with localized distress detailing, fading, whiskering and relief detail on back pocket.

light blue jeans men

5-pocket, slim fit jean. 71% Cotton, 14% Wool, 14% Polyester, 1% Elastane , indigo dyed, wool blend, 10.75 oz comfort stretch denim. Light used wash with local distressed detailing

light weight jeans men

5-pocket, slim fit jean. 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane indigo comfort stretch, 10.75 oz selvedge denim. Medium indigo stonewash with localized fading and whiskering.

slim jeans men

5-pocket slim fit jean. 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane, royal blue indigo, 10.75 oz. Random used wash with localized fading and whiskering.

denim men

5-pocket, slim fit jean. 97.5% Cotton 2.5% Elastane, Bi-stretch indigo 11.00 oz denim. Medium indigo stonewash with localized fading and whiskering.