As we have done for the ladies before, here are some “upper part” denim uniform suggestions for you guys as well.

The idea of this post is to inspire you guys as well to go “above” your basic white t-shirt, add a little extra to your jeans/tee uniform. And as we have mentioned also in our ladies’ edition, we are sure all of you already have I-don’t-know-how-many dozens of basic whites and blacks in your closets, so we hope that some of our suggestion will hit home here!

t-shirts men
Nike Jordan Sportswear Dry Modern Logo T-Shirt

Interesting “double” sleeves

graphic t-shirts men
Kenzo Hyper Tiger Graphic T-Shirt

Go wild, dude!

printed t-shirts
Versace Jeans Graphic Tee-Shirt

Classic pop

band t-shirts
Madeworn Pink Floyd Graphic T-Shirt

Every guy needs a band tee

white graphic t-shirts
Comme des Garçons PLAY Graphic T-Shirt

Who doesn’t like to “play”!

tie-dyed t-shirt men
THE PEOPLE VS Machines Moth T-Shirt

Show your inner tie-dyed rebel

Urban Outfitters Carrots Ringer Tee

Living a healthy life 😉