There are a lot of articles and complaints all over the internet, social media, and on different fashion blogs, about the same issues over and over: The pocket inequality of women’s jeans. Think of that totally useless tiny pocket which continues on what we have come to call the 5-pocket jeans. Or those super skinny jeans that come with fake pockets. Yet, companies seem to ignore those calls and refuse to change their jeans to accommodate the modern day women’s lifestyle.

Enter Clementine Jeans, a new company which is right now looking for funding on Kickstarter.

Here is their story:

“After seeing thousands upon thousands of complaints about this one problem, we were in almost disbelief that it hadn’t been properly addressed yet. So we set out to fix it ourselves.

Clementine Jeans was born.

A simple idea, that fashionable doesn’t have to mean impractical. We’ve all seen the arguments. Just buy men’s jeans! Or buy cargo pants! Why do you need to sacrifice having stylish jeans to have pockets that could hold even just a phone?

With Clementine, you don’t.”

And here are some more interesting facts:

“The biggest two arguments we faced were that:

1) Women don’t need pockets because they have bags.

Who wants to carry a bag absolutely 100% of the time? Of course there are a lot of times where it’s fine to bring one, but it’s also about having that choice. Sometimes all you need is a phone and a wallet. Or maybe you’re going out somewhere that you’ll need to worry about losing your bag.

And maybe the reason women always have bags is that they have nowhere else to put anything…

2) Pockets will look bad and bulky.

The issue of looking bulky was something we did want to truly deal with. We wanted our jeans to be functional while having zero sacrifices on how good they look. We went at this two ways.

The first was by bringing the pockets towards the front of the thigh, rather than to the sides, the result being that anything in the pockets won’t be sticking out the side of your hip.

Second, is by making our first skinny jeans out of high-quality stretch denim. Because the denim holds tight to your form, it minimizes any bulkiness from what’s actually in your pocket, and also snaps down and lays perfectly flat when not in use.”

We love this whole idea – especially, when it’s all about taking a walk out now in summer without having to carry a hand bag which lots of times is really cumbersome. Personally, I love the freedom of having nothing to carry on either my bag or shoulder or worse even, my hands. Yeah, and about all those times I just “left” my bag on a park bench or on a subway seat…

You can read more about the idea behind Clementine jeans, their sizing and fits here – and while you’re at it, how about being a “pioneer” and trying out one of their jeans…. we would love to know your opinion about them when you’ve personally tested a pair!

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