button fly jeans

If you are a Levi’s fan – and which denim addict isn’t, then for sure you have noticed their t-shirt with the big logo “Button Your Fly”, right?!

We were curious about what’s behind this, what’s the story, an we got the answer from Levi’s:

“In 1954 we introduced the 501Z, a 501® jean with a zipper instead of a button fly. After its debut, a debate emerged between two camps of denim enthusiasts: loyalists devoted to the original button fly vs. those who loved the convenience and modernity of the zipper.

Fast-forward to 1990, when Levi’s® officially took the debate public. In an effort to promote the benefits of button-fly jeans, Levi’s® asked fans to call a toll-free number and explain what they did in their 501® Originals for a chance to be featured in a commercial directed by Spike Lee. Over 800,000 people called in with their stories.

The commercials featured cave spelunkers, dairy farmers and a cartoonist. Spike Lee even joined in and ran with the bulls in his button-fly jeans. After the commercials aired, Button Your Fly made its way onto t-shirts and those bold, block letters went down in Levi’s® history as a calling card for the ‘90s.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, Spike visited Levi’s® HQ. Here he is with Levi’s® Historian, Tracey Panek, checking out the vintage shirts and reliving a few Button Your Fly memories.

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