high waisted jeans

Priyanka Chopra was photographed out in Los Angeles, wearing a pair of quite interesting very high waisted jeans.

Pretty cool jeans in a raw blue denim featuring insets of black denim on the side of the legs and a long zipper closure in front. Unfortunately tough, not the best fit for Priyanka, as they made her upper legs look rather chunky and accentuated her hips.

When choosing such distinctively looking jeans, we need to be extra careful about the whole look. The contrasting denims and the white stitching, especially around the waist, draw a lot of attention. And – as you can see here – these details can make even a super model look quite unproportional.

Check out some rather more subtle two-tone jeans from CAARA, Aqua, and RACHEL Rachel Roy.

two-tone jeans