sustainable denim

Continuing our reports of sustainability, we love what German brand, Closed, is doing to help with the effort to keeping our planet alive:

“Water is limited. Time to be conscious about what we have. And save what is precious. “The Limited” is a collaboration between Closed × Stop The Water While Using Me! Made with the most Eco-friendly Italian washing methods. Saving Water. For the love of nature.

The capsule collection is the result of two partners sharing the same sustainable philosophy. For Closed, fair fashion has always been a matter of the heart whereas Stop The Water While Using Me! only produces with natural ingredients and doesn’t use silicone, parabens, and mineral oil-based raw materials.

For the Love of Nature hoodies and T-shirts from “The Limited” line are made with organic cotton. Jeans are produced using new resource-saving dyeing and washing processes.

organic denim

The denim’s used look and authentic salt and pepper effects are also achieved in a nature-friendlier way: by applying alternative techniques such as laser or ozone treatments, bio-enzyme washes and ice blasting.

New is also the patented Kitotex® dyeing process by our partner, CANDIANI Denim, which requires 50% less water, 30% less energy, and 70% less chemicals than traditional methods.

sustainable jeanslimited edtion


“The Limited” Closed also opens a new chapter in the production of jeans.

100% natural and biodegradable “The Limited” soaps are available in popular fragrances Lemon Honey and Cucumber Lime in 500 ml sizes. Thanks to its gentle formula, Lemon Honey is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, while vegan-friendly Cucumber Lime targets damaged skin with its moisturizing properties.”

You can shop for the Closed “Limited” capsule collection here.