pearl embellished jeans

Ok, before you start yelling at me for my choice of the week – please calm down!

I know, we’re totally not into “window” jeans (that’s how we call those jeans with the huge cut-outs), or into overly embellished jeans. But hey, you want to know, I was checking out denims at Barney’s earlier today and saw a lady trying on these Forte Couture bad boys, and she looked rockin’ HOT!

Yeah, she looked A-maze, fun, edgy, different, eye-catching. So I am thinking, why not?

It’s summer and we can do anything, even embellished “window” jeans. And as halfway absolutely is not my style, I am going the whole way: Big pearl embellishments at the pockets, and bigh windows on both legs. And if you don’t like it, well, you can always look at the backside of me ***** I mean, the backside of the jeans. Nothing there to shock you, right!

Which takes me even one step further: front of the jeans: girl rebel, back: nice girl conformist.

So, if you feel me, and if you think you can even do one crazy pair of jeans this season, this is it, AND they are on sale right now at Barney’s for $299.

Check out the FORTE COUTURE Embellished Distressed Skinny Jeans here, and other insane options from this hot brand here.

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