Well, the good thing here is that these weird babies are going to but a grin on your face!

Other than that, I still have to find a good reason why I would spend $236 for a pair of jeans that definitely cannot be worn? Or maybe can be worn if you are standing still only and don’t walk or sit, or – gosh – climb some stairs.

The jeans are fashioned from a pair of classic Levi’s 501’s, but two big changes have been made. One, the fly is folded over the right leg. And two, the outside of the left leg has been replaced with a tan-colored transparent mesh panel.

Which makes me thing – somebody should really come up with a worldwide contest of how to transform your Levi’s 501 jeans into ….weird?!

The Bless Mesh Jean is available at Opening Ceremony on sale, I guess they weren’t really selling for the original price of $590.