So if you are into denim that is different, vintage, and sustainable because of using vintage denim, then New York based company, Cie Denim, sure has something to offer you!

Each pair on their website is one of a kind and made of recycled vintage denim. And the “thrill” is that they have an original waistband – at the HEMS!

Like these jeans above. They are the Will jeans, which is the brand’s original inverted high-rise jean. Features belt loops that wrap around the ankle, back pockets up the calf (see image below) and a waistband made from the original ankle hem.

Definitely worth checking out – fun and attention calling, but without being actually weird, these jeans do not come cheap, but then again, sometimes it is “mandatory” to splurge for something that is so entirely different and amazing!

“The upside-down concept was designed to have the familiarity of the classic denim jean we all know and love but with a modern twist,” stated Cie Denim’s creative director, Kelcie Schofield.

“According to Schofield, who founded the brand in 2017, sustainability was also an important part of the design process. She and her team decided to make each Cie Denim piece out of recycled jeans to “help reduce the massive waste left behind by the clothing industry.”

You can check out the whole collection here.