black denim shorts

Kristen Stewart was spotted out in Los Angeles in a rather unusual outfit for her.

Instead of her customary boyfriend jeans or slouchy denim shorts, this time she was clad in a pair of sexy black mini denim cut-offs from Siwy. Question – is she the newest Calvin Klein spokeswomen? Well, she could be, clearly showing her white Calvins above the short’s waistband and with the oversized t-shirt tucked into them. Brooke Shield look 20018?

All I can say that this look is certainly not one of the best – Kristen can do so much better! The shorts are cute, and so is her oversized striped t-shirt, but the styling is meh….

Super fitted and tiny black denim shorts? We checked them out and here are a few similar ones from 1822, Frame, and Levi’s.

distressed denim