Here’s some interesting news for the denim loving dude who also has some “spare” change to spend! We’re talking about a real cool denim watch, and it doesn’t come cheap, unfortunately.

The Omega Railmaster is a great example of why everyone loves nouveau vintage. It is a remake of a watch introduced in the late 1950s, which falls into what most acknowledge was the golden age of design in watchmaking. But while it’s a faithful reproduction of the original Railmaster, it is built to modern standards with state-of-the-art movement and case construction. The Railmaster reissue was introduced two years ago in Basel with a choice of a steel bracelet or a leather or fabric NATO strap, and is now available in a denim version that is perfect for summer.

The Railmaster was a working man’s watch, according to Omega, and that heritage is what makes denim the ideal strap material. Denim was once manufactured purely for the benefit of hardworking laborers. Denim jeans or overalls were the choice for miners, factory workers, farmers, and railway workers. The strap is blue-denim-accented with brown leather attached to the underside and is designed in the NATO style, which signals its casual, functional purpose.

The Railmaster Denim has all the craftsmanship you’d expect, including a premium Omega movement, and is reasonably priced at $4,900 for the steel on NATO denim strap.

This watch is not yet available, but should be in stores in a few weeks.

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{courtesy: robbreport}