The Denim School of Milano is the first fashion school dedicated to jeans and denim.

Launched this week, the Denim School of Milano was founded by Gianni Fontana and Cristian Murianni, the same duo behind the Denim Boulevard fair. All teachers and lecturers are experts in the denim world, according to the school’s website.

The workshop accompanies the students in the denim world starting from the basic concepts, passing to history and concluding with three days of laboratory. The course is open to all and does not require specific preliminary skills. The knowledge of the fashion industry and a minimum of technical capacity will be appreciated.

Here is some more info about courses and seminars:

Workshops and Seminars
We organize a two weeks workshop and many seminars during the year.

Short and Long Courses
From the next year we are planning a one month short course and a 1 year full course.

Consulting Services and Custom Projects
We can provide custom tailored courses for company and brands

Upcoming Events, Courses and Workshops
You can’t miss our workshops to get deeper into the multiple aspects of the Denim world: history, culture, techniques, design and dying, besides the possibility to realize your pair of jeans.

You can read more about this here.