Somehow we actually did see this coming without yet knowing exactly what we’ll be seeing!

Think: “Find Your Phone” or “Track Your Friends”! And I believe that there already were some other denim companies trying to make a success out of jeans that you can actually be tracked in, but they remained pretty much obscure.

But now Tommy Hilfiger went even a step farther:

Tommy Jeans not only wants customers to buy their products, but is offering rewards if they wear them a lot.

Tommy Hilfiger has unveiled Tommy Jeans Xplore, smart-chip technology enhanced products that offer consumers rewards and experiences for each wear, creating a micro-community of brand ambassadors.

Each Tommy Jeans Xplore item has an embedded Awear Solutions’ Bluetooth low-energy smart tag, connecting the product to the dedicated iOS Tommy Jeans Xplore app. Once downloaded and activated, the app creates a direct line of communication between the Tommy Jeans Xplore product and consumers. Product and app usage are incentivized with a point platform, allowing the consumer to get rewards and experiences in real time, based on how often the garment is worn.

And, just so you know, this same technology also comes in sweatshirts and tees, among other items: the Xplore line includes men’s, women’s and unisex clothes, and is available exclusively in the US on the Tommy Hilfiger’s website and the 5th Avenue flagship store in New York City.

But before you consider buying, there are numerous questions about the Xplore program, most notably including privacy. How much data do the tags and app send to Tommy Hilfiger, for example? And how much control do you have over that data, especially if you decide to bow out? The company didn’t directly address the scope of data collection beyond acknowledging that there might be personal info.