On my quest for finding jeans that are somewhat different from what we ususally see, but without being weird, or very un-doable, these BLANKNYC babies sure made my denim heart beat faster.

The red and white racing stripe is quite a bit attention calling and the way the [blank] guys left them a bit longer than the rest of the hem sure makes a whole difference as well.

The slight distressing around the pockets in front and at the knees is subtle and the feathered strands do not actually leave a hole, which is something I personally appreciate a lot. With wear they will rip a bit and show more leg – making the jeans more “yours”.

Tuxedo stripes, or racer stripes, also help to make your legs look slimmer and longer. And with this frayed step-hem, I am totally obsessing!

You can buy the Rivington in Now or Never on the BLANKNYC website.

Hey wait before you leave here – we have some exciting news: we asked, and BLANKNCY delivered: As of tomorrow, Monday July 2nd, you will have a chance to participate in our collaboration Denimology x BLANKNYC giveaway. So stay tuned and come back tomorrow to enter and hopefully win a pair of [blank] jeans for yourself!!