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For me summer is all about fun, easy, relaxed….. things that in winter are pretty hard to come by. Especially when it’s minus degrees freezing outside.

Summer – I can’t take stuff too serious, or worry too much, I love being outside in the sun and, of course, I love being able do wear my denims without anything to cover them up with.

And part of my fun is to be able to do jeans that I wouldn’t wear when it’s too cold. Enter Sts Blue, the Piper Grommet Detail Ankle Skinny. What with the silver grommets along the outside of the legs, no way I could do that when it’s freezing outside.

Even tough – as you all know by now – I am not particularly a fan of skinny jeans, I do wear them when I have a “reason” to. And what better reason than these bad boys: the color is a beautiful vintage-like medium blue, like what I call an antique blue wash. The silver hardware is pretty unusual and very eye-catching. Frayed and unfinished hems, distressing and rips – all there. And what is best – these babies sell for $66. So there is no way we’re talking about an “investment” pair of jeans, but exactly a pair of fun and very different attention calling FUN jean.

You can shop for Sts Blue jeans on their website, at Nordstrom and at Macy’s.

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