mom jeans
Abercrombie & Fitch High Rise Mom Jean

Racer-stripes and tuxedo stripes are a nice twist to elevate your regular pair of jeans. Not to mention that stripes on the side of the legs are always going to make your legs look longer and simmer, no matter what kind of stripes.

There are lots of options out there: either with added tuxedo or racer stripes, or lasered onto the jeans in a different shade than the jeans themselves. They can be either attention calling and colorful, or more discreet – it’s all out there.

We have chosen a few interesting options here and hope you will love! Let us know by leaving a comment below the post – we always love to know what our readers think.


light blue jeans
BLANKNYC Now Or Never Jean
racer stripe jeans
Parker Smith Ava Skinny in Brando
side stripe jeans
Pistola Nico Striped Distressed Straight-Leg Jeans in Racer
cropped wide leg jeans
Siwy Milena in Future is Here
denim leggings
Zeza B by HUE High/Low Tuxedo Denim Leggings
black jeans
Flying Monkey Taped Tuxedo Stripe Jeans
two-tone skinny jeans
Joe’s Jeans The Icon Crop Tuxedo-Stripe Jeans
denim leggings plus size
Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Tuxedo Stripe Ankle Jean