sustainable denim
Adam Taubenfligel

Canadian brand, Triarchy is one of the biggest supporters of sustainably produced denim. Not only have they re-invented their own brand to become completely sustainable, but they also have received received the prestigious Fashion Impact Award at the 5th Annual Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, CAFA, this year.

And along this line, of course their newest fall and winter collection will feature sustainable and unique denims, some of them in a bleached, almost white wash.

But wait, how to bleach denim without harming the environment? We were really curious about how the process of bleaching sustainable works and asked the Triarchy team about this.

Here is what Adam Taubenfligel, creator, owner, and director of the brand, tells us:

Q: How is denim typically bleached?

A: Bleach works by chemicals releasing oxygen molecules in a process called oxidation. The oxygen molecules released by bleach break up the chemical bonds of chromophores and the result is that the chromophore molecules either reflect no color, or a color outside the visible spectrum. This absence of color is seen by our eyes as white.

Q: Tell us about the new process Triarchy is using?

A: Triarchy achieves the same results as the aforementioned process but through an advanced ozone technology that releases oxygen molecules instead of chemicals. The results are the same visually, but no chemicals are used resulting in toxic free fabric that has not been made weak like chemically bleached material. There is also no bleach water being dumped into the environment.

Q: Are there many denim fashion lines using this process?

A: At the moment this technology is still in its infancy and thus, not widely accessible. In time we hope it becomes the industry standard but for now Triarchy is among very few denim brands using this revolutionary process.

Q: We understand one of the designers at Triarchy just welcomed their first child. What does it mean to you to be actively fighting for the future of the next generation through keeping sustainable practices?

A: Words can’t describe what it means to us. Fourteen days ago my sister welcomed her baby girl into the world and her first thought was what kind of world is she bringing her into? It’s a scary thought when you really look at the state of the world and the damage that has been done.

We are proud to be actively fighting for our future and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Ania (Taubenfligel) wants her daughter to be able to experience nature the way she did growing up in British Columbia. And the only way to ensure this is to think sustainably in all facets of our lives.  For us, that starts and ends with Triarchy. We make an impact where we can, and denim sustainability is our fight.

Q: Aside from denim, what other materials are recycled or upcycled (sequins/buttons, etc.)?

A: All of Triarchy’s hardware is made of nickel-free recycled sheet metal in a factory with a closed loop water system which uses technology designed to conserve water by 80%. All of our leather labels are made using recycled leather. Finally, all of their care labels are made from recycled water bottles.

Thank you, Adam – this is really encouraging and we hope that a lot of denim and fabric manufacturers will be adhering to sustainability as soon as possible.

We will be posting about the newest denim collection from Triarchy within the next weeks, so stay tuned.

Check out below some hi-lights from their super exciting bleached denim collection. When we saw them, we couldn’t contain ourselves – yes please, Triarchy is going to make those drab winter days so much more “light” and fun!