distressed black jeans

British singer and actress, Alexandra Burke, was spotted out enjoying a summer day in London.

She wore a pair of shredded black skinny jeans which she paired with a white cropped spaghetti-strap tank and black suede booties.

It’s been ages since we have last seen stretchy skinny shredded black bad boys out there. Remember quite a few years ago, Frame became popular and known worldwide for exactly their “Le Skinny de Jeanne”, which turned out to be a smashing bestseller for many seasons. I think every denim-conscious person owned at least one of these – they also came in different washes like blue and white.

But lately, we haven’t seen them around anymore. Sure, Frame still produces this exact style, but way less ripped – if ripped at all.

Check out the “modern” version of the blue one with less rips and a step hem, or, how they call it, the stiletto hem.

And here are some updated black skinnies with only a few rips, or without any distressing, in a clean black wash, if you prefer.

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