women's jeans

Charlize Theron, photographed out in Los Angeles, shows us how to do straight leg jeans in yet another way.

Usually, when we think of straight leg jeans, we think of fitted, like skinny jeans, just with a straight leg. But Charlize opted to go for an oversized pair, which is slouchier around the hips and at the waist, and held up with a knotted belt.

This look has been growing on me and I am totally going to try out a similar look – thank you for this style inspo, Charlize.

To achieve this kind of look, you may want to up-size your regular denim size. Another option which personally, I had been adopting for a long time, is to go for a pair of men’s jeans. The only drawback with choosing men’s jeans is that generally they are more fitted at the upper legs and looser at the waist. So the look will not be the same as Charlize’s here.

If you want to achieve that very same look, try going for the (up-sized) straight leg jean from Topshop, or the FORTE COUTURE Flared Jeans – these already come pretty large, so probably no need to up-size.

oversized jeans