curvy skinny jeans

It looks like finally the light bulb went on in many denim designer’s brains! Or, let me say it clearly: it’s about time that denim brands realize that the world is not made entirely of Gigi Hadids and Kendall Jenners. The real women, I mean the women in real life, do have curves and love them, and want to show them off, and, of course, are proud of them.

Yesterday we have posted about Madewell’s “light bulb”, and today, here’s Joe’s capsule collection for the curvy ladies, called the “Hi Honey” (cute, right!).

Joe’s designers tell us:

“The focus for us this season and in to fall is our “Hi Honey” collection – a curvy fit that now includes a super-flattering higher rise which is designed to be waist sculpting, shape smoothing and alluring on curves of all kinds. Offered in a range of styles the Hi (rise) Honey is cool, comfortable, and effortlessly sexy.”

So, what is there not to love – comfort, effortless, and sexy – We say this is “SHOW”!

You can shop for the Joe’s Hi Honey collection here.

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