tuxedo stripe jeans

So, okay guys, no – I am not biased, or maybe just a little bit. Or maybe just loving seeing my name on a pair of jeans. And not just any jean, but a style and wash that absolutely screams my name YASSSS!

If I tell you I stumbled over these smoking hot 3×1 Cora Crop babies by accident, you have to believe me. I was actually only checking out new denims for fall to tell you about….

So these cropped and slim  jeans are in one of my most favorite washes, a medium vintage blue, and this is maybe why they call this wash Lisette? Hello, 3×1 please tell!!

And they feature darker wash panels on the side of the legs with just enough fraying to look authentic. Just what I need to make my legs look taller and slimmer. The jeans are made of 100% cotton – and as you all know by now –  this is exactly my kind of denim. A high rise and a cropped frayed hem, top trendy.

These jeans are what I think of wear now, and wear way into fall and winter as well. You can see on the images here how cool they will look with a simple black turtleneck.

I am bought. Check out some more new fall denim from 3×1 here.



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